i (heart) zombies

sat down to watch a movie last night and it had a lame preview for some totally not scary vampire movie so i asked:

would you still love me if i was a vampire

adam: what? yes

me: really you wouldn’t try to kill me?….cause i would totally turn you into a vampire

a: no

a: if i ever become a zombie you had better kill me

me: are you kidding me? i wanna BE a zombie. i’d wanna be a zombie with you

a: know you wouldn’t, you’d have to kill me, promise me you’d do it

me: i can’t, i can’t promise that.

me: if i ever became a zombie would you kill me??

a: yup

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  • yesterday i posted a picture of the tattoo on my back. but what you don’t know is that it was SHIZER before i had it redone by this kick ass dude chad.
    chad is very heavy handed – it hurt like a mother fucker but damn what a difference! my only reques

  • i TOTALLY must of left it on someone elses blog but we did rent Shaun of the Dead this weekend because so many of you mentioned it!(and no i won’t steal granny panties from zellars even if you ask me too)
    i totally loved it! if you ask me there’d be nothing wrong with keeping adam out in the shed to play video games with, if worse came to worse.

  • Corinna, have you seen Shaun of the Dead? I just got a copy to watch…it got plenty o’ stars.

    Evil Dead is the all-time best of the worst of zombie films. Bruce Campbell is my mini-God.

  • no, it was Prozac Nation actually.

    i was rather surprised it had a vampire preview.

  • I think I would rather be a vampire than a zombie but if my JJ became a zombie, I’d keep him. He could live in a shed in the backyard and I could go play halo with him.. just like in Shaun of the Dead.

  • was it that vampire movie on sci fi?

  • that’s a good man you got there 😛

  • I am similar to transience, but i just love women. no i love men too, in a non sexual way, and there is nothing greater to see than a couple that really and truely love and respect each other.

  • he probably thinks that’s romantic so just take it that way.

    that’s how i deal with my jer.

  • yeah.. you two really gotta watch Shaun of the Dead! 🙂

  • i love men who love women. they are so practical, LOL! consider yourself lucky, corinna.

  • So cool to know other couples have these deep thought conversations too. Husband and I had a similar chat when he was playing Theif 3, like “If You were a Zombie would you eat me?” and I answered “With all that candy and chai tea you drink; I bet you’d taste sweet, so yeah, probably.”

    He didn’t like my answer…he’s the romantic in this relationship.

  • I’m glad you guys worked that out.

  • that’s exactly the kind of conversation i have with my boy all the time! so cute…

  • first off, i am jealous…i wish i could have kick ass conversations like that with someone…

    second off…i’d rather be a vampire than a zombie…zombies are not happy at all, they are dead and can’t die, it’s like being tired and not being able to sleep…they have “life insomnia” whereas vampires are dead but that is ok, they dont mind, it’s normal for them. sure, there is some torment as a vampire, but you are more in control…and it’s way sexier than rotting flesh…

  • dude, i even called you to confirm it was correct!! you stink 😉

  • allahstic boombastic crantastic

    i doo believe that my last line was ‘damn straight’.

    but really, you have to realize what you are becoming when you get bit by a zombie. chew on this–if you become a zombie, you have just as much charm and charisma as the ‘gimp’ zombies, those unlucky enough to be resurrected long after death and in advanced stages of decomposition. suffice to say, you two are playing on the same table…and the only reason you dont eat each [i]other[/i] is because it never occurred to either of you…your photo albums make your pets throw up…….
    and, so on.

  • if i became a zombie..
    i think my lady would off me.

    hell, if i woke up with bad hair one day, she may just jump the gun and take care of me then.

  • go rent Shaun of the Dead. Just saw it last night.

  • Hey Corinna I thought we weren’t supposed to tell the “other bloggers” that we are zombies! The jig is up!

  • I can’t say that I’ve had that conversation with anyone yet, but I can see it happening.

  • That’s really really sweet, in a really really warped way 😉

  • you know zombies don’t have sex right?

  • “I want to be a zombie WITH you”.

    That’s the most romantic thing i’ve heard in awhile, do they have card for that?

  • see adam is obviously able to separate himself man from zombie and separate me woman from zombie. i am blinded by love and would rather become a zombie with him and start a new zombie existence, race, possibly even be rulers of the new zombie planet. i don’t know it just all sounds so romantic.

    Dragko and jerk i will give it some more thought though you guys do make some good points…..

  • If you guys become zombies, I’ll kill you (even though you’ll be dead already, it’s VERY confusing). I feel if it has to be done, a fellow jerk should do it.
    If I become a zombie, you guys better off me or I’ll be mad!

  • Thats so cute. Made me wish I had a significant other I could have such banter with.

  • smelly little curmudgeon

    i would construct a zombie zoo and trap them all in it. then tom petty and i would feed them brains and make them do tricks for tourists.

  • let the zombies rule. but, in actually, an underground vampire society is being created. I can’t tell you when, or how, or why, but the zombies will be sacrificed as a major effort to enslave the earth to the vampiric population. But first, they can take out most of the humans. and the werewolves. in fact, the werewolves need to go first – that takes care of my insignificant other.

  • You have to promise him to kill him that is not fair.

    You want to be a zombie? I understand that but what about the children. Think about it.

    I as a Zombie expert think. You must be prepared to kill anyone who is infected. Preferably before the disease takes hold.

    First of all that person you once new is dead, but also in a “shit hitting the fan” scenerio, the humans don’t stand much of a chance. If Adam were the 1st “zombie” you would have in you grasp the balance of power. Stop the infection now, or let it destroy the world. A or B.


  • well.. i guess that settles THAT then.

    my dad is applying for a driving job up in Fairbanks. they will inevitably be headed past your neck of the woods soon.

    i’m so jealous.

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