over stimulated much

Holy crap I had the migraine of all bloody migraines yesterday.  It was seriously a nightmare. Since I’ve graduated to seeing my shrink every two weeks I look forward to going like you wouldn’t believe.  I am so lucky to have a therapist who doesn’t push the drugs on me, yes I am on three medications but he makes me feel very in control of my dosages.  We have genuine conversations in with the ther-ap-a-tizing.

No matter how long I live here there are some days I swear that we really do have some of the worst weather anywhere.  I haven’t been enough places to accurately apply that to Vancouver but when you have to walk to the nearest hotel to get a cab because there is no predicting how much time you need to leave to get somewhere if it is raining and trying to get a cab to show up not only on time but to simply show up is becoming pretty rare and when you don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a similar problem you gotta wonder if there might just be some sort of quandary.  It isn’t just the holiday season the construction in the city for the Olympics, with what feels like four buses and two cabs on the road people are not starting to get agro here they are. This final year and a bit are going to be a huge test for this city one that many would argue it is blatantly failing already.  It scares the crap out of me that it takes me half an hour to get somewhere it should take me ten minutes, it may not seem like a big deal but it rains here a lot and hard and if the city is freaking out already it is hard to even picture what it is going to be like with the Olympics. How do we come together as a city as a province when the citizens are being completely ignored?  There is no excuse for some of the construction in the down town core right now, fuck your shitty planning when the people that live here can’t get anywhere how the hell are we going to host the world. How about we get the homeless some shoes and a roof and then we’ll chat. Fuck man I am SO TORN on these Olympics. One of the strongest love/hate relationships I have ever had, let me tell you. But seriously back to the construction, there has ONLY been talk of redoing Granville Street since I moved here in 1996 so I’m pretty sure it has been discussed a hell of a lot more than that, but you wait until NOW until one year and one point five months to the Olympics it is December for crying out loud it is pouring rain so hard and so much a waterproof body suit wouldn’t keep the average person dry.

I was already beyond over stimulated when I left for my session yesterday, getting there made me so extra sick that I had to call Adam to come get me, poor guy dropped everything and walked over the bridge in the PISSING rain just to take a cab home with me cause I almost barfed cause of my migraine.  I’d love to see what I look like, seriously, dry heaving, trying to give money, crawling out of the cab, right into a head between my legs knee bend, I’ve done it enough times my neighbors have likely seen me laying on the grass outside my building when it isn’t pissing rain.

And why did he have to WALK over the bridge, oh that was because transit works so well here that had he have missed one connection he would have been roughly a half an hour late.

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  • PPS. Just finished Stiff. Awesome book. LOVE Mary Roach. LOVE.

  • Well. Got what we wanted. Now it’s clear, -7 and frickin FREEEEEZING. Damn.

  • Oooopies I just realized I posed that comment above on the wrong post. Gawd. DUH.

  • “There is no predicting how much time you need to leave to get somewhere if it is raining” I live in England. There is no predicting how much time you need to leave to get somewhere if it is not raining. Your’s is a concept that does not exist to me.


  • You deserve it babe. Sorry my life is way off kilter at the moment. I struggled to get to the awards but by the time I was downtown it was all ready 830PM and by the time I was finishing socializing and at the Cellar it was 1030. I did however get to meet Rebecca, John and a very drunk Duane. I am sure we will meet soon, and I will adore you. Never sell yourself short, YOU inspire me.


  • @Stephen the davie bus has made me laugh since 1999 when it became one of the two main buses in my area. i can beat the davie bus walking from granville right down to the safeway on the corner of davie 9/10 times and you are right we are a much better serviced area than most. keep up your crusade.

    and thank you both, the headache has subsided, that is really the only time i let the rain get to me is if the bus isn’t going to work because of my headaches. mostly i walk over to therapy actually.

  • The lack of transit is something I have been banging on about on my blog for a while, and I am sure you don’t need me to repeat any of it here. And actually I judge you probably live in one of the better served parts of the region

    Similarly we have fewer cabs per thousand population than almost anywhere else in North America. But even so, once it rains, everyone wants a cab: this is true in every city.

    But I hope you feel better today – at least the rain has stopped

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