My Converse shoes completely fell apart on both inside heels BUT I love them and they are pretty much fine everywhere else and I am NOT a fan of sneakers looking new. I am fine with fancy shoes looking new and am actually anal about keeping them that way but sneakers should look worn. I will run around in dirt to achieve a dirtier more worn in look faster if necessary. With sneakers there is ONE exception and that would be my actual RUNNING shoes those are ONLY worn for running and nothing else and if you are a ‘runner’ you know that you can have a pair of shoes that you have ran through completely that are so clean it is hard to believe you can’t run in them anymore or the complete opposite and they look like a bomb hit them when they are done. But see, running shoes to a runner are like golf clubs to a golfer so trying to keep them pristine is different. But I digress; the rubber on the backs of my Converse shoes was actually cutting into my heels and I did not want to give them up and wearing thicker socks wasn’t helping so I did what any other bred and born Canadian would do and I duct taped them. Or rather Adam duct taped them. Even though I was suspicious of the slipperiness and skeptical of my abilities to handle all the little folds and creases in the taped heel I was desperate. I have worn them twice now since the taping, once with thicker sports socks and once with thinner socks and both times NO slippage and NO heel pain. I am pretty sure that most people know how amazing of an invention duct tape is but this is really my first experience with its full awesomeness it saved a life, even if it was just the life of a pair of shoes it is still life saving shit. Long live my Cons.

And P.S. Would I be able to call myself a true Spock fan if I did not post this? I think not. Just be warned it is set to Nine Inch Nails, ‘Closer’ so don’t be silly and open it at work. It could also be considered a short documentary entitled: Spock and Shatty – An Even Closer Look at Their Love.

In finding this I discovered it isn’t just Crocodiles that Erin Magnopere and I have in common now we have Spock and boob obsession in common too and I didn’t even know it. She posted this video before I even knew it existed, what kind of Spock fan am I? You learn something new about your blogging buddies everyday! Or maybe she likes Shatty? I just assume it is Spock, I hope it’s Spock, please let it be Spock.

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