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Best Personal Blog Last night I attended the awards reception for the Best of 604 [The Best of Metro Vancouver Online] hosted by our city’s Social Media Maven, Rebecca Bollwitt aka Miss604. The event itself was amazing, I’d first like to thank Rebecca for organizing what turned into a must attend event.

Near the end of November when the contest was initially announced I shuddered, I’m not so good with contests but then I found myself nominated, and not just nominated, nominated by a woman who has been blogging for eleven years. How could I not have been flattered beyond belief? I have yet to meet Barbara Doduk but we chat online, and I am sure we’ll meet soon; I was kinda bummed not to have met her last night.

My blog was up for Best Personal Blog and I won runner up, I joy cried all over the place and didn’t even feel silly for doing it. Thank you Vancouver World Cup Triathlon for that.

If there is one thing I am used to it’s coming second, I have more silver medals from my track days than any other colour but the feeling of coming second last night felt better than finishing my first half marathon. No joke.

To be honest I have never in my life felt this validated before, you guys come here you leave comments you send me emails you write posts for me when I have break downs, like I’m still here walking the earth partially because of this blog and because of the people who come here and support me on my journey. I don’t even know how to say thank you to everyone who voted for me, everyone who has supported me, the readers that came here in 2005 and are still here, some of them may not read regularly anymore but they let me know they are there for me in their own ways.ย  This means so much to me I have never had a moment like last night in my life, being recognized for something I do, to know that my struggles have helped just one person is more than I could have asked for.ย  I really just couldn’t stop thinking of how proud PH would have been of me and it makes me sad but so happy.

The night had numerous highlights, mostly finally getting to meet some of the people who have shown me and this blog a crap load of support but I have a serious migraine and this post would be ten pages long if I got into all that too.

I felt really confused and out of place for a while because blogging has been changing so much and so fast, I can’t thank you enough for letting it be known that my blog has a place here.ย  I am fully dedicating this award to the readers and the voters, thanks to you I had a moment that is going to last me a lifetime.

Ps. you gotta check out this photo. Thanks Tawcan!

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  • I was just doing some searching through some old comments I made. Miss 604 is a good person. Just not a Social Media maverick, that’s my only point. I’m happy for her and all of her success, I wish her and all of you the best.

    Vancouver is a very small city, with even fewer Bloggers, so to call anyone from here a real Social Media kingpin, is kind of hard because I do not know of anyone who gets the kind of views and following that Gary Vaynerchuk or Guy Kawasaki get. I would call them Social Media mavericks.

    It’s nice to write things about the city in which you live and interact with other Bloggers in your city, but the content sometimes gets boring.

    Try subscribing to an RSS Feed in another language and learn and see things from other parts of the world, that is what will truly make you a Social Media maverick.

  • congrats, sweetie, love you

  • Dude, I am sooooo proud of you. You so deserved this award, and I was glad to be there with you to share in your glory. Much love, P

  • AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! and Congratulations!!! I had high hopes for you. And that picture is great, your hair rocks!

    And, can I tell you something that I hope you don’t take wrong? I think Adam looks a little like Alex Ovechkin. I heart Alex Ovechkin so I hope you don’t mind me saying that ;O)

    Congrats again!!!

  • That is a great photo! You deserve the honor so much. I appreciate your total honesty more than you will ever know. My decision to go into therapy (even for a short time) was helped in a way by your sharing…& believe my…it was a giant step for me to decide to go (because I agonize over EVERYTHING.

    I hope your migraine is history by now.

  • @Corinna. Congrats

    @Adrian How exactly would you know what someone does or does not know about? You sound like you are jealous because Miss604 is so admired and popular. Why would even care that other people look up to someone else? It’s a shame that you feel the need to put down someone’s success in an attempt to make yourself feel good.

  • @ Corinna, we’ve all made mistakes and had misunderstandings but you’re a stand-up blogger who deserved that win (and you didn’t have to pay anyone off either!)

  • @Tris thanks so much for the photos! i see coffees in our future.

    @John thank you that was very nice of you to pop over.

    @Stephen well, you know i understand what that’s like! thank you, i’d really have enjoyed meeting you, soon im sure.

    @cara yup, you are the shit girl, thanks so much, i can’t wait to meet you when we FINALLY get over there and im SO glad you love your monkey! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Jack you are so seriously awesome. for serious. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Rhonda NKOTB FOR LIFE!

    @maja i think a new care package is in order, i’ll start it in the new year ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Charlene Kim rules, it was a pleasure to be nominated with soooooooooo many great fantastic blogs.

    @Adrian if there is one thing i do not do is worship ‘miss604’ we used to have a personal relationship, we started talking in middle 06, and started to hang in late 06, as some know we had a very public fallout, i’ve watched Rebecca grow from a completely different stand point than most because of the timing that we met and then fell out, you just have no idea how hard she works, sure other people work hard too, but she has earned all of this praise being graced upon her, maybe i should have said one of the city’s SMM’s but i feel she more than deserves this moment in her blogging and career journey.

  • You guys really have to stop worshiping Miss 604, she really doesn’t know that much about Social Networking nor about SEO. She was simply a pioneer blogger here in Vancouver. She is a great person but as far as being the number one Google ranked ‘Vancouver Blog’ and a Social Media Maven, that is absolutely a fallacy.

  • Congratulations! I think everyone knows that you were first and Kim was 2nd for best personal blog. That’s huge. Love reading your blog.

  • Hey congratulations darling that’s awesome!

  • Hey, so happy for you Cor, i am happy i came across thios blog in 2005 and i would love one day to meet in in person. And in a way, even if i don’t read this blog as often as be4, i have you with me….in my car! at the front seat so you can view what’s going on with me too.
    CONGRATS! keep on doin’ this, cos you are AMAZING chica, you really are.

  • My inner Grumpy Old Man got the better of me yesterday – so I decide not to go and het someone else have my place at the festivities. One look at that photo and I knew I had made a very bad decision. I wish I had been there to congratulate you. Well done.

  • It was nice to meet you last night. Congrats on the award.

  • A well, well deserved honour! Congrats to you.

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