Second Quarter

1 through 25 from the First Quarter of 100 things about me can be found by clicking on this long line of green text.

You will likely want to review it because I started it a long time ago, like before I moved to WordPress even.

So here goes:

  1. The first concert I went to after moving to Vancouver was Jewel.
  2. I try to dance every day and not just with Ellen.
  3. My first concert t-shirt was that of the one and only Neko Case, as Aughra so nicely put it, “you and that shirt! Man.”
  4. I do not use fabric softener. I do when I go home to my parents place though because then when I get back home it reminds me of home, my father has used the same kind for as long as I can remember.
  5. I have a change sorter and save ALL of my change. [our rolled change payed for all of our tips on our honeymoon, saving change RULES]
  6. I initially over react to almost everything but am actually very level headed.
  7. I have ALWAYS spelled words how they sound and thus do not spell good.
  8. As exhibit A. B. C. and D. clearly show, I am a hand talker extraordinaire for life.
  9. I’m often referred to as a ‘childless soccer mom’ by my friends because I rarely leave home without an assorted combination of pain relief drugs, Purell [mini], Tide to Go, Band aids, hand cream [mini], lip balm and gloss, O.B. tampons [regular and super], a pen, hair ties and let us not forget the Visine. This is my purse it all fits nicely inside a small makeup bag.
  10. I have very bad balance stemming from two serious issues with my inner ears, one self inflicted one not.
  11. I have sensitive everything.
  12. If you think you are more clumsy than me then I challenge you to a clumsy contest.
  13. I have an irrational fear of the wind.
  14. As a pre-teen and teen, I got pounded, beat up, bullied [whatever you prefer to call it] to the point of bruised skin on and off my face, split lips and an eventual first attempt at suicide that landed me in the hospital for a week. [some of that one is known but my depression and therapy category is a mess]
  15. I have not worn a watch in years.
  16. I do not own a scale because I refuse to become any more obsessed with weight beyond what I consider normal.
  17. I have an extremely vivid imagination and am prone to exaggerate.
  18. I don’t even want to admit how often I get in the shower with one of the following still on my person: my glasses, a tampon and my personal favourite, my underwear.
  19. I stand up for myself and those I love at all costs.
  20. I love the word plethora.
  21. There is my life before Guitar Hero and then there is my life after Guitar Hero.
  22. I cry at and over everything, seeing a friend WIN on TV, say on CBC’s Test the Nation last Sunday, commercials, TV shows, movies, vacation, SPORTS, CONCERTS, music in general, telling stories and etc.
  23. I think about taking GG down at least once a day.
  24. I am not easy to be friends with.
  25. I yearn to learn how to be an affectionate person without using words.

7 Responses to “Second Quarter”

  • I love your blog and had to comment, all the best.

  • Great stuff there.

    I would love to see someone challenge you to a clumsy contest.
    I’ve worn my glasses into the shower a few times.
    I don’t own a scale either for the same reasons.

  • Ok, as long as you keep a back up. Just know that I’ll miss you. πŸ™ Stop by and say hi once in a while, K? πŸ™

  • @btexpress i’ll always keep a back up. πŸ˜› i don’t want to take it down but it has faced some hard times this here blog.

    @jenn i could easily do a post called “25 reasons to love Jenn” maybe i will do 50 for your birthday.

    @rhonda: will be very interesting to see if there are any you don’t know by the end of it all!

  • half way there! woohoo

  • this could easily be titled “25 Reasons to love Corinna.” and the term “childless soccer mom” is wonderful.

  • I enjoy reading people’s 100’s, but have never done one myself. I particularly enjoyed your’s. But do yourself a favor and don’t delete your blog. That doesn’t mean you have to keep blogging, but it would be a shame to loose this on line journal about your life while blogging.

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