The joke that no one got

I take a lot of heat for being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan living in Vancouver when I’m also a Canucks fan. I’ll admit I’ve had a waning interest in the NHL [not HOCKEY just the NHL] since the strike and since Bertuzzi left. But I love him playing for Detroit I think it is perfect for him and this means I am now a band wagon Red Wings fan and will still collect all Bertuzzi memorabilia. Aside from that I like to fuck with people so in the past I’ve done things like wear my Leafs jersey to work when the Canucks and the Leafs have still been in the playoffs so I guess I deserve some of the heat. But I just walk around, hands up, exclaiming, LOOK I AM from Ontario, I grew up watching the Leafs my cousins would disown me if I ever lost my Leafs love.

I can’t remember exactly how it came up but Rebecca and I were IMing and the Leafs not being in the playoffs and golf came up and she said I should go golfing in my Leafs jersey. Cheeky cheeky.

So I thought sure why not I’m sure the Leafs aren’t out there wearing their jerseys on the course but you can guarantee they are out there let me go show them some support and or make fun of them either/or, dishing it can be as good as taking it.

I caused quite a stir let me tell you. We went at 8:10am and people were staring at me and straining their necks back to look at me and I got over four YOU ARE WEARING THE WRONG JERSEYs and this was on the course so like DUH you are thick and totally not getting my statement. I also played like complete and utter shit and I blame the jersey. TOTALLY. It was cursed. We both played like shit. I had Vancouver Canuck socks on but they were obviously not enough. The rivalry between the teams is simply too great and Vancouver’s love for their Canucks ruined my round AND Adam’s.

And then vindication, we walked by a window and on the inside of the window they had a sign that said ‘LETS GO RAPTORS!’ and inside the living room was a group of guys, one pointed at me while the others turned to look and all gave me thumbs up and faux high fives and gang symbols and shit and we were laughing so hard we went back and I walked up to their window and had my picture taken with them.

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  • There isn’t really a rivalry between the Leafs and the Canucks. I think Vancouver fans don’t like them because they are on CBC HNIC alot, but you know that as a Leafs fan our natural rivalry is Montreal and then we hate Ottawa just because. We don’t think about Vancouver anymore than we think about Calgary. It is just another team in Canada.

    I love being a Leafs fan and I couldn’t ever imagine not supporting them. I’ll be partying on Yonge street when we win the Cup.

    Awesome you wore the Jersey during Golf. I expect that Saturday’s game will have a high percentage of Leafs fans in attendance.

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