truth hurts doesn�t it

i can speak i can listen

i can hear i can feel
and i hurt
i can be mean crueller unrelenting and mad
and i hurt
i heard it all, saw too much

i speak i hear i listen i scream
i hurt i hate i am
i can write words that burn
i mean it all i feel it
i can resent you
i do
i am forced to know you

you lie, liar(s)

you waste your eyes
narcissists are immune to the splatter
obviously numb
my tongue snaked out with venom
you�d miss it

i hurt
i�ll let it go when i am (fucking) ready

you missed it all.

13 Responses to “truth hurts doesn�t it”

  • i felt every word. and you are lovely despite everything that happened.

  • wow corinna, i can really feel all the pain in this poem. you’ve expressed it so intensely. i know this probably doesn’t help but can i just say i’m sorry that you were treated badly and i’m glad you are letting it out. i hope it helps.

    great poem. love the way it was written.

  • i’m sorry it’s not good. 🙁

    your poem speaks volumes. keep it up. it’s cheap therapy. i find that writing helps me get it out. it’s even better when i write it on a piece of paper, in letter form TO a person. then either send it to them or throw it away.

    it’s not that i think you should forgive or should do anything. but you will be doing yourself a favor by not letting it kill you.

    because i love ya Corinna! (if twins separated at birth are enough!)

  • Love the poem.

    Write it all down…get it all out…

    It helps…

    Even though the pain is still there…

    It helps.

  • excellent poem. full of vitriol.

  • Whatever you need to do to work through it so you don’t feel anger and sadness you should do. I hope it is as speedy and non-painful a process as possible. We are here for you!

  • aw corinna(if angst is enough).
    heres some,i had a huge shit and feel,like 300% should too.

    OR,kill them.

    OR,grab adam by the short n curlies.and come and have a holiday in gay oZ with uS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    🙂 xoxoox

  • Writing it down is a good way of getting it out. I always do it. Maybe not in my blog (I’m not that brave) but certainly in anything I write (The film is a good/bad example)
    I’m not really sure what to say. You probably don’t need to read the rambling prattle of someone you don’t know and who doesn’t know you.
    All I can say is that from your blog alone, I think you’re super and if you ever want someone to rant to then you can do that.
    Be well and keep it Greeper.


  • If you are able to, perhaps if you put them at a distance for a time…that might help. Sorry that they are an irritation to you. Rmember it’s your life and your feelings that you live…and that is what matters.

  • Ah, Corinna. These people may have birthed you but you are a [i]wonderful[/i] individual despite this not because of it.

    Live long and prosper!

  • Allah Baster Coffee

    sometimes when you win, you really lose. Sometimes when you lose you really win. Sometimes, when you win or lose you actually tie and sometimes when you tie you actually win, or lose.

    rosie is a tough broad and so are you.

  • Good practice to rid you of their fucking problems. Control it though. Your art is better than they are.

  • this is about my parents. they are abusive assholes.
    i am not ready to forgive them. i may never be.
    i am ready to start getting it out on my blog.

    they cause me more pain than burning joints into my wrist. which i did today.

    life may be to short to hold a grudge and dwell on past pain but it is also too short to surround yourself with abusive people, whether family or not who don’t deserve to even know you. i tried to forgive them, i tried to let it all go. they as usual did nothing.

    my friends are my family.

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