The 5th of May has come and gone and I was not at the start line for the BMO ½ Marathon. On one of my runs in the final two and a half weeks leading up to the race I felt a pain in my left foot, it was in the last kilometer of a short 8k and I knew the second I felt it that I was out. I did run another 13k on it that Sunday to prove myself right but I still knew.

The last time I injured myself before a big race I ran it anyway and that had disastrous consequences. I could have easily done the same thing this time but I didn’t, I’ve been benched and haven’t ran since April 21st.

I may or may not have a stress fracture. X-rays generally do not show stress fractures and mine stayed true to that so I’ve been waiting on a bone scan. After I’d done that 13k the pain wasn’t any worse than it had been but the three days rest I’d given it from the onset hadn’t helped at all either. I had planned on simply giving it another two days rest and then only running 5k on it. At first I wasn’t worried because the longest run I had left before the race was a 10k and I figured if it wasn’t going to hurt any worse than that then I could run the ½ on it.

I went out on the second rest day to do some errands and noticed again that the foot felt no better and the words stress fracture were getting louder and louder in the back of my head. My body was telling me that ignoring my gut any longer was stupid and to get my ass to physio, NOW. I knew I was going to have to see a different physiotherapist than my normal one and I wasn’t super happy about it. I’d heard good things about the new guy at the clinic and thankfully everything I heard turned out to be true because between treatment and having my foot re-taped twice a week, we’ve been spending a lot of time together.

I’m pretty sure that this injury be it a stress fracture or just a really bad strain stems from a super bad race I had at the end of March followed by a training error or rather a few training errors. I didn’t write specifically about the race but I did post on how stressed out I was feeling. It seems silly to get so worked up over a race but some of these races are really expensive and they do take a lot of time in training for them. Whether I’m running them for fun or for a specific time it’s disappointing and frustrating when nothing ends up working out. When I was forced to back off of my miles I didn’t back off the intensity, I think that’s the main error I made. I know I would have raced a great time, I did a 19k Tribute to Terry Fox run on April 12 and the pace was pretty easy and I felt great the entire way and the time was 1 hour 50 minutes. I felt really strong that day, that day made me feel like it was all finally coming together. I’ve got it now, I’ve learned the lesson, when I get back out there I’m slowing my training down. I’m going to stop saying that I’m going to do it and just do it. The funny thing is if I’d have been running with a group regularly it would have happened anyway because I always have to keep up to the front of whatever group I’m running with and that is why I don’t run with groups, very often, I know my running weaknesses.

So far I haven’t gotten depressed and I’ve been riding my bike around the park, not in the trails that would hurt my foot, too bumpy and I’ve been water running. Water running has got to be the most boring thing to do on the entire planet but I started doing it with my high school track team and have done it enough in my life that I’m actually pretty good at it. I started out with 45 minutes and now I’m up to an hour. I don’t know how I feel about doing it for more than an hour, I take Adam to the pool with me on Sundays to keep me company, If I go over an hour it’ll be when he is with me. I don’t really know what sort of water moves he’s doing but it is nice to have him there.

Right now is a bit of a waiting game, my bone scan is super soon but then it can take another 5 days for results. I waver back and forth over whether I think it is fractured or not. One part of me doesn’t think that it hurts enough while the other is puzzled as to how it doesn’t feel any better. It feels like if I ran a kilometer on it that it would dart right back to the most intense of pain levels. If the scan comes back not fractured I could be back out there in around 6 weeks but if it comes back fractured it will likely be 8 to 12. Either way I’m not running on any sort of ground right now and although that sucks fucking large I seem to be maintaining my sanity quite nicely. For now.

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